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How we teach

Thinking Classroms | Inquiry-based Learning | Purposeful Play 

Thinking Classrooms

I Notice, I Wonder

In every class, we consistently prompt our students with, 'What do you notice? What do you wonder?' This simple technique effectively inspires students to explore their own mathematical inquiries, an aspect often overlooked in our teaching environments. Truly engaging with mathematics involves learning to pose such questions. Students are notably more driven to delve into questions they've devised themselves compared to those handed to them

Thinking Tasks that leads to deeper learning

To foster genuine thought in our students, we must present them with stimulating material—content that not only demands thought but also promotes it. In the realm of mathematics, this is presented as a specific task, and choosing the right one is vital. Studies show that we should provide tasks that encourage deep thinking.

Inquiry-based learning

At The Math School, we designed our lesson to include scaffolding activities, frequent opportunities for formative assessment, as well as powerful guiding questions to ensure that leads to deep understanding of mathematical concept. At the start of every lesson, students discuss about driving questions that make clear connections between activities “and the underlying conceptual knowledge

Purposeful Play

Each lesson students are led into teacher-guided play which is planned   and   facilitated   to   achieve   learning   outcomes. Our teachers have an understanding of both content and play pedagogy to design learning spaces that are interactive, intentional, investigative,  personalized  to  interests  and  needs,  scaffolded  to  support  discovery  and  connections  to  prior  learning,  and aligned to academic goals and standards

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