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What is this course about?

Begin your mathematics journey with one-variable statistics, leveraging hands-on data analysis to master quantitative reasoning. Progress through linear equations and inequalities, and deepen your understanding with two-variable statistics, exploring scatter plots, correlation coefficients, and categorical data analysis. Advance to functions, examining everything from linear and quadratic functions to exponential models, and culminate with an in-depth study of quadratic equations. Throughout the course, engage in mathematical modeling to apply your learning in real-world contexts. Enhance your math skills and prepare for advanced concepts, all within a collaborative and supportive classroom environment.

Topics Covered

One-variable Statistics
  • Distribution Shapes

  • How to use Spreadsheets

  • Manipulating Data

  • Analyzing Data

Linear Equations, Inequalitites and Systems
  • Writing and Modeling with Equations

  • Manipulating Equations and Understanding their structure

  • Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

  • Linear Inequaltities in One Variable

  • Linear Inequalitites in Two Variables

  • Syystems of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Two-varialbe Statistics
  • Two-way Tables

  • Scatter Plots

  • Correlation Coefficients

  • Estimating Lengths

  • Functions and their representations

  • Analyzing and Creating Graphs of Function

  • A Closer Look at Inputs and Outputs

  • Inverse Functions

Introduction to Exponential Functions
  • Looking at Growth

  • Exponential Functions

  • Percent Growth and Decay

  • Comparing Linear and Exponential Function

Introduction to Quadratic Functions
  • Quadratic Functions

  • Working with Quadratic Expression

  • Features of Graphs of Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Equations
  • Finding Unknown Inputs

  • Solving Quadratic Equations

  • Completing the Square

  • The Quadratic Formula

Course Detail

Recommended Level                          Grade 8 - 12 | Year 9 - 13 | Matthayom 2 - 6

Session Duration                                  1.5 hour

Language                                              English and Thai

Type of class                                         Online and On-site

Instructor-to-student ratio                    1:1 (Private Class) และ 1:4 (Group Class)

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