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Our Programs for Curious Mind

Our curiculum is designed based on The PISA 2022 mathematics framework. This means that our programmes meet learning needs from students in UK, US, Singapore, Thailand curiculum.


Our Programs prioritize not just equations, but also problem-solving, growth mindset, and a keen sense of numbers. We're pioneering a unique approach by introducing data science to our young learners, recognizing its paramount importance in today's world. Set your child on a path of excellence and innovation, where math is more than just numbers; it's the future. 

Alpha (α) Level

7-8 years old

Start Early. Dive Deep. 


Ignite a passion for mathematics from the get-go. At our program, we harness the innate curiosity and adaptability of young learners, fueling an early love for math. Our approach is designed to establish robust foundations for advanced reasoning and logical prowess. Set the stage for mathematical brilliance

Beta (β) Level

9-10 years old

Excellence Through Mathematical Mindset

At this level, we don't just teach math—we cultivate understanding. We immerse our students in challenging scenarios, prompting them to grapple with unfamiliar problems and uncover solutions. Through guidance and hands-on experience, we empower them to harness logic, analyze with precision, and derive with confidence. This is more than learning; it's the path to profound mathematical fluency.

Gamma (γ) Level

11-13 years old

Emphasize on depth, creativity and mathematical beauty

This level is uniquely designed to present students with problems rich in mathematical reasoning. Students not only gain deeper insights but also come to understand the intrinsic connections between various mathematical ideas and techniques. This holistic approach ensures that learners don't just memorize formulas but truly comprehend the underlying principles, facilitating long-term retention and applicability.

Honors Level

7+ years old

Advance & Compete: Dive into Elite Math Challenges!

In collaboration with  Academy, curriculum designed to challenge, inspire, and elevate. The program not only dives into profound depths of each subject but also incorporates competition-level problems, urging students to stretch their limits and redefine excellence. Plus, if the thrill of competition fuels your passion, many of our Honors scholars regularly participate in prestigious math contests.

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